Your personal product and care agent

Your personal skin care ritual


The super mild and caring GENTLE PURIFYING FLUID cleanses the skin on a micellar basis.

Apply the solution as the first cleaning step in the best case on a washable microfiber cloth and clean with it the entire face and neck area.

The same cloth can then be slightly moistened and then cleaned again with a little water. All dirt particles containing water as oil are thus removed from your skin.

The incomparably silky INTENSE OPENING LOTION soothes and strengthens the skin with an extra portion of moisture.

After cleansing, it is best to apply three to four pumps of INTENSE OPENING LOTION to your hands in the morning and evening and spread the lotion generously over the face and neck area. The lactobionic acid makes the skin particularly receptive. And you will feel this immediately. – The skin goes “Ah” and at the same moment is supplied with the gentle and repairing brand active ingredients Ectoin and Pinus Pinaster.

Allow the INTENSE OPENING LOTION to work in briefly before applying the other products.

The RESCUE MASK provides the necessary extra moisture and soothes the skin quickly and intensively.

You can add the RESCUE MASK to your care ritual as needed as an additional care and relaxation step in the morning or evening after cleansing and opening. The mask provides the crucial extra moisture and your skin is intensively soothed.

Apply the mask generously after cleansing and opening and gently massage it into the skin in light circular motions. This allows the valuable ingredients to develop their full potential and the skin immediately feels plump and fresh.

CORE 24/7

PREVENTIVE YOUTH CREAM provides the skin with everything it needs to maintain its strength and youthful expression.

Apply the PREVENTIVE YOUTH CREAM to the entire face, neck and décolleté after cleansing and opening.

Should you additionally use our CONTOURING BOOSTER or TOTAL REPAIR BOOSTER, we recommend applying the cream OVER these two boosters to achieve an optimal synergy of active ingredients.

Your skin is thus protected from harmful environmental influences. At the same time, you decisively counteract premature collagen degradation. Thus, you provide your skin with everything it needs to maintain its firmness and youthful appearance.

Luxury care for more demanding, mature skin at its best. The ULTIMATE REVITALIZATION CREAM firms the skin down to the depths and visibly reduces wrinkles.

Apply ULTIMATE REVITALIZATION CREAM to the entire face, neck and décolleté after cleansing and opening. If you are using our CONTOURING BOOSTER or TOTAL REPAIR BOOSTER in addition, we recommend applying the cream OVER these two boosters for optimal active ingredient synergy.

Its rich texture and incomparably concentrated active ingredients thus help your skin feel luxurious around the clock.
Create your own personal skin care ritual with ULTIMATE REVITALIZATION CREAM and use TOTAL REPAIR BOOSTER and CONTOURING BOOSTER alternately in the morning and evening. Please apply the GLAMOUR BOOSTER like a quick makeup over the respective cream as a finish.

PURE SUN PROTECTION - the revolution in sun protection. Our innovative formula combines the power of a sun protection factor 50 with the lightness of an oil-free spray.

By separating sun protection and care, we can combine maximum protection and maximum care in one range. PURE SUN PROTECTION unleashes the full power of its sun protection filters and acts as an invisible filter over our skincare products and make-up.

Incorporate PURE SUN PROTECTION into your daily skincare routine by spraying generously onto the areas of skin that need protection from the sun.

To ensure continuous protection, we recommend reapplying the spray after bathing, sweating or drying off. A sufficient protective film is essential for the product to be effective. It is therefore advisable to apply the sunscreen generously.


Absolute power active ingredients in the BLOW-UP EYE BOOSTER ensure a significant and rapid reduction of fine lines.

The booster is incredibly economical. Therefore, apply only a small amount of the product to the delicate eye area in the morning and evening and gently pat it in with a finger. Just one pump is enough to massively boost collagen formation.

The TOTAL REPAIR BOOSTER supplies an extraordinary hyaluronic and collagen kick that particularly stressed skin needs.

We recommend incorporating the TOTAL REPAIR BOOSTER into your evening care ritual, so that the active ingredients can unfold their full power overnight. To do this, gently apply two to three pumps BEFORE each cream to your cleansed face and neck. Allow the product to act briefly and then apply your care cream on top.

Would you also like to pamper your decolette? Then simply take one to two pump shots more and apply the TOTAL REPAIR BOOSTER generously to this area as well.

Der CONTOURING BOOSTER wirkt wie ein kleines Skalpell. Komplexe und hochkonzentrierte Formulierungen wirken dabei besonders intensiv und schonend zugleich.

Develop your own personal care ritual with this booster and apply two pumps to your thoroughly cleansed face and neck in the morning and/or evening before applying the respective cream. Tap the product very lightly into the skin.

Due to the special active ingredients for deep tightening, you will feel an immediate lifting effect. After a short exposure time, you then apply your care cream.

With its innovative high-tech active ingredients, the GLAMOUR BOOSTER helps you achieve a brilliant look in the shortest possible time.

In our GLAMOUR BOOSTER we work, among other things, with the active ingredient LUMINESCINE, which transforms UV light.

Therefore, this booster is applied over or after the care cream to develop its full effect there. At the same time, it provides the skin with an extra portion of care and moisture, so you can use it not only for a radiant appearance, but also as part of your personal care ritual.

To do this, simply apply two pump strokes to the face and gently spread the product over your cream.


Only for professional use in institutes

The highly intensive AHA fruit acids of the DEEP OPENING FLUID are very effective in cleansing the scin into the depths.

Only for professional use in institutes

The powerful AHA fruit acids of the MILD OPENING FLUID cleanse gently and effectively in equal measure.

Our Refill-System

For CodeAlpha, effectiveness and sustainability are the essential product- and brand promise.
The demand for as little packaging waste as possible determined the decision for a refill system.

The formulations with minimal added conservatives require a special sealing of the product.
This seal should remain closed as long as possible so that the product meets the highest possible quality requirements until it is used.

Body and pump are pre-assembled under hygienic conditions.
Before the first use, the refill only needs to be unsealed and inserted into the pre-assembled body.

Premounted Body & Refill

Welded seal

Turn the bezel counterclockwise

Screw the refill into the pump

Turn the bezel clockwise again.