Our products, processes and the work of all our employees are focused to that.

Sustainability is more than the question of waste avoidance, the reduction of emissions and resources. – That is a matter of principle for us.

Sustainability covers every step of the work and every decision.

Is there a better solution for something?
Can we offer our customers the same outstanding product experience in a more sustainable way?

For us, sustainability also includes the personal and economic opportunities for our partners, which we take into account with our brand and partnership experience.
Our understanding of sustainability also includes consistent quality, because this drives sustainability.

Any form of dissipation is avoided so that all energy flows into the product, its quality and efficiency, and therefore into the satisfaction of our customers.

We do not pin the topic of sustainability on an existing company as a marketing gag (greenwashing) or add corresponding ingredients to the formulations.
We ensure that sustainability is an integral driver of quality, function, value and performance.
Regardless of the certification standards, the following sustainability goals naturally apply:

CO2 neutrality


No animal testing Without primary animal products

Raw materials without mineral oils

Supply chain responsibility

Sustainable packaging and refill-systems



Our developers are not told how much a product may cost.
They develop superior, functionally outstanding and sustainable formulations based on the latest and most technologically advanced scientific findings that reflect our promises of effectiveness.


We use the power of nature and activate it through the use of state-of-the-art biotechnology and scientific know-how.

We look for synergistic effects between the active ingredients and elaborate them into the products in such a way that they optimally support each other and ideally potentiate each other.

From sustainable plant stem cells to pure and effective microorganisms, we create the unique combinations of active ingredients that protect and repair the skin.


We choose ingredients that are highly effective, certified and and whose effects have been verified by studies.

As with all components of our skincare line, we test every ingredient to ensure its effectiveness and remain consistent with our philosophy. Natural essential oils are also used as fragrance ingredients, which do not dominate but make the products unique.


A portfolio with only eleven products that are highly effective around the clock for all skin needs.
In this way, our customers automatically choose the right product and do not have the unpleasant feeling of having bought the wrong product every time they make a product decision due to product overkill.


Over a thousand years ago, luxury in skincare meant using the most precious oils and formulations.
In the same spirit, we use equally valuable and effective ingredients for our skincare range today.

The results are products that create an extraordinarily
luxurious skin feeling.

The maximum possible stimulation and support of the skin’s natural protective barriers and an optimal supply of nutrients and moisture for a fresh and healthy texture of the skin.
In combination with the specially developed CodeAlpha treatments in the beauty institute, the effect of the products is increased even further.
But The Heart of Luxury goes one step further:

We define a new, responsible luxury.

Our product developers are constantly researching better formulations and our logistics experts are working on more intelligent packaging systems so that our products are even more effective, even more resource-efficient and offer our customers real luxury combined with a spirit of responsibility.
combined with a real awareness for responsibility.

True luxury is built on the basis of comprehensive sustainability.

In this way, we are following the most important trend of our time.

In addition to the exclusive active ingredients, the texture and fragrance also represent a premium experience.
We have designed the fragrance of CodeAlpha to be clearly recognisable but still restrained.
So it neither dominates the personal parfum nor the natural skin scent, but gently underlines it.
It represents a piece of desire and the extraordinary moment.

Our Refill-System

For CodeAlpha, effectiveness and sustainability are the essential product- and brand promise.
The demand for as little packaging waste as possible determined the decision for a refill system.

The formulations with minimal added conservatives require a special sealing of the product.
This seal should remain closed as long as possible so that the product meets the highest possible quality requirements until it is used.

Body and pump are pre-assembled under hygienic conditions.
Before the first use, the refill only needs to be unsealed and inserted into the pre-assembled body.

Premounted Body & Refill

Welded seal

Turn the bezel counterclockwise

Screw the refill into the pump

Turn the bezel clockwise again.

The design of our refill-system shows that refill is also sexy and that the product experience is in no way degraded during the unboxing and application process.

The optimisation of shipping and logistics routes as well as product presentation is also part of our pursuit of sustainability.
We reduce packaging to a minimum and shipping logistics are optimised so that a package does not have to be transported further than 200 km in the future.