01. Dezember 2023, 15:00 Uhr

CodeAlpha in Luxemburg

General Agency Luxembourg opened


Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Leiterin Marketing und Kommunikation

+49 172 2929709

We are very pleased that TH Design is taking over the exclusive support of the Luxembourg market for stores, institutes and end customers with CodeAlpha products. A dedicated, French-speaking team can thus guarantee a perfect customer experience on site.

General Agency Luxemburg
TH Design & Solution SARL
8, rue des Girondins
L-1626 Luxembourg
+352 691177414

There are good reasons for getting involved in this market.

Quality and reputation
Germany is known worldwide for its high-quality products and strict quality controls. This results in a positive image and high quality expectations, which Luxembourg consumers particularly appreciate.
Innovative formulations
CodeAlpha aims to be a leader in the research and development of innovative formulations. This enables us to address the needs of stores, institutes and consumers in Luxembourg in a targeted manner.
Cultural connections
Germany and Luxembourg share historical and cultural ties. We strengthen these ties through direct contact with the French-speaking sales team.
Sustainability and environmental awareness
One of CodeAlpha’s brand values is sustainability. As awareness of environmental issues continues to grow in Luxembourg, we offer consumers a brand that shares these values.

14. Oktober 2023, 11:00 Uhr

CodeAlpha & Drezz2Imprezz

JustMe Days on Mallorca


Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Leiterin Marketing und Kommunikation

+49 172 2929709

The JustMe days will take place in summer and fall 2023 on a luxurious Mallorcan finca, surrounded by self-confident and independent women who treat themselves to a “me day”. A day full of care with our beauty treatments and style coaching by the owner and head designer of Drezz2Impress, Cindy Morawetz.

Drezz2Imprezz emphasizes the individual beauty of every single woman. The figure-hugging dresses give their wearer a very special attitude and new self-confidence, regardless of her proportions.
Many prominent women in Germany also appreciate this. Numerous RTL presenters and celebrities on red carpets have made glamorous appearances in front of the camera in Drezz2Imprezz outfits.

The JustMe Days are all about beauty, self-confidence and self-love. In an intimate and luxurious setting, women come together in small groups and experience grooming and styling as well as individual coaching and an intensive exchange with the two hosts, Michaela Bickel-Friederix from CodeAlpha and Cindy Morawetz. The crowning glory of each event is the photo shoot with perfect styling in an absolute dream setting. The special moment is captured and reminds the participants again and again how beautiful and unique they are.

The event series on Mallorca will continue from March 2024.

15. Mai 2023, 14:00 Uhr

The beauty agent from Code Alpha

A new dimension in product and care advice


Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Leiterin Marketing und Kommunikation

+49 172 2929709

There are many product filters. Most of them ask customers to answer numerous questions about the product and its characteristics. This requires basic knowledge of the specific products and possible combinations.

The most important thing is forgotten:
Customers are not product experts, but they know their skin and skincare needs very well.

CodeAlpha has therefore opened a new chapter in digital product and care advice.

The digital CodeAlpha BEAUTY AGENT is a real configurator for perfect and individual product selection.
It asks just eight questions about the scope of the skincare ritual, skin condition and specific skincare goals, on the basis of which the right product and skincare recommendation is generated. This is enriched with alternatives, options and special care recommendations as required.
“Do you prefer a quick and easy skincare ritual or an intensive one?”
After the question about the customer’s “age”, just six more precise questions follow and the individual CodeAlpha care recommendation is ready – everything at a glance – underlined with symbols.

29. November 2022, 17:00 Uhr

CodeAlpha – Now also in Mallorca

Consultation and sale in Portals Nous


Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Leiterin Marketing und Kommunikation

+49 172 2929709

Since December 1, our products are also available at our first Mallorcan partner, Rebecca Nordell.

Her studio is located in Portals Nous, between Palma and Andratx, above the exclusive port of Puerto Portals: Nails & More, Ctra. Andratx 32, 07181 Portals Nous.
Here customers can test all products and purchase them directly on site or buy them later in our eShop.

Since our products have a European approval, the step to Mallorca was a logical step for us to make CodeAlpha known beyond the German market. From the vacation on the island, our products reach the whole world.

The perfect and simple online concept pays off here. Especially customers from Scandinavia and Great Britain ask for the services in Rebecca Nordell’s studio and open up very special perspectives for CodeAlpha there. Because we enable customers to place simple online orders at and link them to the respective store via the partner code, the partner can provide on-site advice and profit permanently from the online sales of the newly acquired customers.

The shipping of all orders is handled as smoothly as usual via our German logistics center.

14. September 2022, 17:00 Uhr




Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Head of Marketing und Communikation

+49 172 2929709

Since 1 September, there is a new skincare high-tech cosmetic that performs the maximum that cosmetics can achieve.

Highly concentrated and only the most valuable and effective ingredients make it possible to cover all skin needs around the clock 365 days a year with an extremely slim product range.

In four product categories – PRIME, CORE 24/7, BOOST and PRO-LINE – with a total of only 11 products, CodeAlpha stands for anti-aging on a completely new level.

Skin health and regeneration, soothing and replenishing moisture depots, cell protection and renewal, collagen formation and wrinkle smoothing.

The three PRIME PRODUCTS are already more than cleansing and preparation. They all contain the outstanding brand active ingredients PINUS PINASTER and ECTOIN and provide the skin with valuable ingredients.
→ The micellar-based GENTLE PURIFYING FLUID completely removes all water- and oil-based dirt particles from the skin.
→ The INTENSE OPENING LOTION is responsible for cell renewal with a portion of lactobionic acid and ensures that the skin is particularly absorptive for further care.
→ The RESCUE MASK refills the skin’s moisture depots and makes it look inimitably plump and silky soft at the same time.

CORE 24/7
Skin care can’t be any better or more effective. Packed with the best active ingredients, the two CORE products protect and regenerate every skin type around the clock.

→ PREVENTIVE YOUTH CREAM maintains the skin’s firmness and youthfulness and offers comprehensive cell protection against harmful environmental impact.
→ ULTIMATE REVITALIZATION CREAM is the ultimate in luxury care for demanding, mature skin. It firms the skin down to the depths and visibly reduces wrinkles.

Perfect care 24/7 – without confusing product variety!

The four outstanding BOOST products provide the perfect add-on to the basic skincare and are used individually before and after the basic skincare.
→ The BLOW-UP EYE BOOSTER: Vitamin A and C complexes, minerals and magnesium for a significant and rapid reduction of expression lines.
→ The TOTAL REPAIR BOOSTER: An extraordinary hyaluronic and collagen kick with a deep-firming effect thanks to valuable lipids.
→ The CONTOURING BOOSTER: The small scalpel successively firms the skin and counteracts skin sagging.
→ The GLAMOUR BOOSTER: The ultimate moisture booster for a radiant complexion with a spectacular and natural glow.

The MILD OPENING FLUID and the DEEP OPENING FLUID are pure professional products for cosmetic treatments in the cabin. The AHA fruit acids are highly effective in deep cleansing and are the ultimate activator for cell regeneration.  They make the skin receptive for the valuable ingredients of the subsequent products.

In addition to the exclusive active ingredient experience, sustainability is an essential driver for CodeAlpha. The company consistently avoids packaging waste through outer packaging and shows with its re-fill system that sustainability is also sexy.

01. September 2022, 16:00 Uhr




Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Head of Marketing und Communikation

+49 172 2929709

…lies in partnerships with beauty institutes, perfumeries with cabin concept, beauty docs and boutique spa hotels that offer cosmetic treatments.

For these partnerships, we have created exceptional comissions models that not only offer the partners a high and transparent commission, but also give them an outstanding share in the online business.

End customers can also order our products on their own initiative via our own online shop. However, we also link these customers to our partners in the corresponding postcode areas in order to give them the opportunity to acquire new clients.

In addition, there are no minimum purchase quantities for our partners, so that they only order the products according to their consumption. This way we avoid stock-keeping and capital commitment for our partners.

01. September 2022, 14:00 Uhr




Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Head of Marketing und Communikation

+49 172 2929709

…form a symbiosis at CodeAlpha. A premium cosmetics brand that focuses on sustainability and combines luxury with a spirit of responsibility.

The third pillar of CodeAlpha’s brand image is the uncompromising effectiveness of the products.
Only if the product delivers what it promises does our customer want to use it in the long term and our partners see the partnership as an added value.

Our partners only recommend and use CodeAlpha products if they are convinced of their effectiveness.

01. September 2022, 14:00 Uhr




Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Head of Marketing und Communikation

+49 172 2929709

This is what our products, processes and the work of all our employees are based on.

For us, sustainability is more than the question of waste avoidance, the reduction of emissions and resources. – Because that is a basic matter of course for us.

Sustainability includes every work step and every decision. Is there a better solution for something? Can we offer our customers the same outstanding product experience in a more sustainable way?

For us, sustainability also includes the personal and economic opportunities for our partners, which we take into account with our brand and partnership experience.

Our understanding of sustainability also includes consistent quality, because this drives sustainability. We avoid any form of waste so that all our energy goes into the product, its quality and effectiveness, and the resulting satisfaction of our customers.

We do not plug the sustainability aspects into an existing company as a marketing gag (greenwashing) or add appropriate ingredients to the formulas, but ensure that sustainability is an integral driver of quality, function, value and results.

Regardless of the certification standards, the following sustainability goals naturally apply:

  • CO2 neutrality
  • Fair trade
  • No animal testing and no primary animal products
  • Raw materials without mineral oils
  • Supply chain responsibility
  • Sustainable packaging and refill systems

Sustainable packaging to avoid waste.
The design of our refill system shows that refill is also sexy and that the product experience is in no way degraded during unboxing and application.

01. September 2022, 14:00 Uhr




Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Head of Marketing und Communikation

+49 172 2929709

…using the most precious oils and formulations. In this spirit, we use equally valuable and effective ingredients for our skincare range today.


Our developers have been charged with the task of using the best active ingredients, without setting any limits for the CodeAlpha products.

The result is a luxurious experience for the skin. The best possible stimulation and support of the skin’s natural protective barriers and an optimal supply of nutrients and moisture for a fresh and healthy complexion.

In combination with the specially developed CodeAlpha Treatments in the beauty institute, the effect of the products is increased even further.

For us, The HEART OF LUXURY means offering our customers real luxury combined with a sense of responsibility, because true luxury is based on comprehensive sustainability. In this way, we are following the biggest trend of our time.

In addition to the exclusive active ingredients, the texture and fragrance also stand for a premium experience.

We have designed the CodeAlpha fragrance to be clearly recognisable, but still restrained. Thus, it neither dominates the customer’s personal perfume nor the natural skin scent, but gently underlines it.

The textures of our products associate the high expectations of an exclusive application experience in the different products.

01. September 2022, 14:00 Uhr




Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Head of Marketing und Communikation

+49 172 2929709

We stand for uncompromising product effectiveness and product quality at the highest level.

Our developers are not told how much a product can cost.

They develop superior, functionally outstanding and sustainable formulations based on the latest and most technologically advanced scientific findings that reflect our promises of effectiveness.

We use the power of nature and activate it through the application of state-of-the-art biotechnology and scientific know-how. We have searched for synergistic effects between the active ingredients and incorporated them into the products in such a way that they optimally support and ideally potentiate each other.

From sustainable plant stem cells to pure and effective microorganisms, we create unique combinations of active ingredients that leave skin healthy and radiant.

We have selected ingredients for their proven efficacy, supported by studies and sourced from reliable and responsible suppliers. Natural essential oils are used as fragrance ingredients that never dominate but give the products a distinctive and luxurious glow.

The result is a portfolio of only nine products plus two cabin products that enables customers to always choose the right product and not be confused by marketing-oriented product overlaps.

What do our customers get out of it?
The facial care of a CodeAlpha customer or user becomes a deep and effective relaxation experience that delivers noticeable and visible results.

The skin is a constantly changing and developing organ and is the largest functional part of our body. It acts as a protective shield against external stress factors. Due to its large absorbent surface area, what we apply to our skin is of utmost importance.

With the 24/7 Core products in combination with the Boosters, after the application of the nourishing Prime products, CodeAlpha ensures comprehensive skin protection, maximum regeneration and an unprecedented glow.


30. August 2022, 11:00 Uhr




Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Head of Marketing und Communikation

+49 172 2929709

…in all business processes.

These are fully digitalised from the purchase of raw materials and packaging to production planning, customer management and the processing of all payment transactions.

We do this out of the belief that any other form of administration would be a waste of resources that prevents us from operating in a truly efficient and sustainable way. And in the end, every handle would become part of the product costing, while our digital assistants are no more expensive just because they do 30 more virtual operations.

For the complete sales and distribution processes, we also went new ways and made the standards of the B2C business of large internet marketplaces into our standard. We have also adapted these standards so that they work for transactions with our depositors and we can serve all customers from one e-shop system. It is hard to understand why a depositor should have a different comfort level when ordering products for private use in the evening on his couch than when ordering for his retail shop.

The same applies to claims – one-click and we take care and have the customer, item, parcel, batch and the claim immediately in view.


The core of our platform is the full integration of customer management into inventory management and the eShop.
There are no interfaces where anything can get lost. Every customer accesses our warehouse in real time when placing an order and even triggers new production batches according to the stocks.

With this, we have broken down another mantra of the industry – minimum orders. For our logistics chain, it doesn’t matter whether we send 10 x 2 products or 1 x 20. And in terms of sustainability, this has hardly no negative effects, because due to the nationwide parcel deliveries that take place every day anyway, the transported weight determines the ecological footprint. But our system has advantages for the depositors because we do not abuse them to finance our cash flow.

Our sales staff can therefore also concentrate fully on looking after our depositors and advising on sales promotion and application. They are not on the road as mobile warehouses, mobile warehouse staff and mobile office staff, because our digital process chain can do all that much better and more reliably.

29. August 2022, 17:00 Uhr




Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Head of Marketing und Communikation

+49 172 2929709

…is a natural no-go for us and for as a modern high-performance cosmetic.

The two branded active ingredients ECTOIN and PINUS PINASTER focus on skin health, regeneration and skin protection in all our products.

All active ingredients have an absolutely precise spectrum of action and active ingredient synergies. The active ingredient effect ranges from cell protection to anti-aging, for example, and is proven without exception by relevant scientific studies. which we publish without restriction. The relevant effects of the active ingredients are the regulation of the skin barrier, anti-pollution, anti-inflammation, moisture booster and the promotion of skin firmness.

The dosage of the active ingredients is so high that – once the skin has been brought back into balance – only a very small amount of product is needed for deep and comprehensive care.


The GLAMOUR BOOSTER, for example, makes the skin glow so that you can do almost without decorative cosmetics.

The CONTOURING BOOSTER works like a small scalpel because the active ingredients caprooyle phytospyngosine and the plant-based EGF counteract skin sagging.

Or the TOTAL REPAIR BOOSTER, which has a spectacular deep-firming effect thanks to the active ingredients Ectoin, Pinus Pinaster, Hyaloronic Acid, Glycosphingolipid, Barley Extract, 4-t-Bythylcyclohexanol and calms the micro-musculature with highly concentrated active ingredients.

Especially for the treatment in the cabin, we have developed two fluids in different concentrations with particularly intensive AHA fruit acids, which are highly effective in cleansing the skin down to the depths and ensure that the client’s skin becomes extremely absorptive before the treatment. They are the decisive activators for new cell formation.

For the end customer we work with the INTENSE OPENING LOTION, which ensures cell renewal through the special powers of lactobionic acid and makes the skin receptive for further care.

29. August 2022, 16:00 Uhr




Michaela Bickel-Friederix
Head of Marketing und Communikation

+49 172 2929709

…through the entire care series.

ECTOIN regenerates and protects the skin. The multifunctional active ingredient Ectoin is obtained using a specially developed fermentation process with the help of microorganisms. This small amino acid molecule is found in microorganisms that can survive for millions of years in the most extreme environments such as salt lakes and geysers.

  • Protects the cell membrane
  • Counteracts the reduction of inflammatory parameters of the cell
  • Sustainable stabilisation of the cells
  • Exceptional skin health
  • Protection against many environmental stresses

PINUS PINASTER contains the antioxidants to strengthen skin health. Pinus Pinaster extract is obtained from the Mediterranean maritime pine. The extract of the pine bark contains special plant substances – the polyphenols, which include the so-called oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC).

  • Anti-inflammatory with positive effects on skin health
  • Reduction of oxidative stress
  • Counteracting skin inflammation, skin slackening and premature collagen degradation
  • Building the skin’s resilience

Because all CodeAlpha products contain research-based maximum active ingredient concentrations and perfectly balanced combinations, we can eliminate the need for a broad product range and confusing product variety. 365 days a year, around the clock, the different skin types receive the maximum they can absorb.