After more than 20 years of successful work as a corporate, communication and brand consultant, Michaela Bickel-Friederix decided to transfer all her experience into her own company. Together with specialists from the domains of cosmetic research, production and distribution, she founded CodeAlpha last year. What drives her is to bring an uncompromisingly excellent product to the market through a fair and sustainable business model with long-term partners.

What makes the CodeAlpha Partnerprogram so special?

The cosmetics industry usually dictates the rules of their partnerships. Cosmetic institutes and retailers are forced to take on a not insignificant risk through minimum purchases and the compulsory comprehensive product assortments regardless of the local market. We wanted to do this differently from the very beginning!

We are aware that the experts in the institutes with their expertise in consultation and application are our most important partners and therefore our access to the market.

We have therefore defined new rules and developed a commission model that goes far beyond the industry level and, of course, also extends uncompromisingly to online business. In addition, we offer our partners complete economic freedom without gagging contracts and hidden minimum purchases. 

The development and promotion of our CodeAlpha partners is not only important to us, but a matter close to our hearts.  

We know how important the trust between a customer and her cosmetician is. That is why we have invested heavily in the quality of our products. Our developers were given permission to apply the most potent active ingredients “without limits” and to combine them in the best possible way. The result is a high-tech cosmetic that our partners and their customers can rely on.  – This is also proven by a first comprehensive study. The testers were enthusiastic about the effect and texture of the products and 94% noted positive and very positive skin effects, such as the visible reduction of wrinkles and a significant calming of the skin.

Alongside our products, we have developed the CodeAlpha Signature Treatment with experienced specialists. This is aimed at the absolute well-being of your customer and a visible and noticeable effectiveness of treatment and products. Comprehensive training on products, active ingredients and treatment are naturally part of the CodeAlpha partner program.


Our partner programme is truly exceptional. A partnership at eye level without gagging contracts and massive purchase quantities ensures our partners complete freedom and a sustainable economically rewarding business.

We also connect our partners with our e-commerce and so they benefit in the long run from their recommendation for CodeAlpha products.

In addition, we actively support you in gaining new customers.

Are you curious?

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